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Abominable Booties

I decided to make a second pair of baby booties for my nephew’s daughter. I originally made these in a neutral color until we found out it was going to be a girl. The pattern was working out to make really large slippers, so I did my own thing. Melissa Mall’s free Abominable Baby Slippers pattern can be found at Ravelry.

I really like how the claws are crocheted. A different pattern for a stuffed animal with claws called for clay. This is more child friendly.

I used a size E hook and cream Simply Soft yarn and pink Lion Brand Baby Soft yarn. The cuff was shorter in the directions. I wanted to fold it down more so I added stitches to that.


Eggplant Head

There are a lot of adorable baby berry hats out there. The ones that look like strawberries are especially cute. I decided to make a plum baby hat and picked out what I thought was the prettiest plum colored Caron Simply Soft Eco yarn I could find. Using Michele Sabatier’s free Berry Baby Hat pattern from Ravelry, I put aside countless other projects to get working on this. Using size 8 DPN’s, I quickly cranked this little hat out. I had some stray green alpaca yarn I picked up in Bolivia and held that double since it was rather thin.

When I finished, my husband informed me that it looked more like an eggplant than a plum. And sure enough, the next time I went to the store and saw an eggplant, this little hat was the spitting image!

Skull Hat Take Two

After doing more searching on Ravelry, I found some other great skull hats. After all, I still owed my husband a skull hat. I decided on Gayle Vicker’s Riley’s Skully Hat. The skull pattern was not exactly what I wanted, so I used Ravelry user Weeta’s instead.

The pattern is great. The changing colors, not so great. For a fourth project, I think it turned out rather well. To give away as gifts, I’m going to need to spend time with some real pros to work some kinks out.

Again I added an I-cord and tassel. This has fits my husband’s head, but only just!

I worked the pattern on size 8 DPN’s using Simply Soft yarn. It’s probably not the warmest hat for winter, but it is soft!

Does he look like a pirate or what!

Skull Hat

After coming to the conclusion that knitted hats seem to have more give than crocheted ones,  and that some projects look better knitted, I decided it was high time I learned to knit. One of my first projects was this skull hat. Not only would I get to practice knitting, I would get to make a cool project for my husband, who just so happens to love skulls. Never mind that this project would require changing colors! How hard could that be for a new knitter to learn!

After watching several YouTube videos, I managed to knit this hat using size 8 DPN’s. (The circular needles I bought were too long. I didn’t realize they came in different lengths!). I added an I-cord to the top with a tassel. Not bad for a newbie. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit my husband’s formidable head. This will have to go to a child.

The skull hat pattern is from Gina Doherty. It’s available for free at Ravelry. I believe I used Simply Soft yarn for the hat.

Daisy Cabled Hat

New to knitting, I decided to try my hand at cables. I had tried to make swatches of cables, but was finding it exceedingly difficult. After several (failed) attempts, I almost gave up altogether. After waiting a couple of weeks, I decided to try a cabled hat. Thinking it would turn out abominably anyway, I used some old yellow Red Heart yarn and knit on size 8 DPN’s. I decided on Diane Gates’ Winter Femme pattern which I found for free on Ravelry. (I decided on this one because it looked simple enough for me, and the hundred other people that had made it before me did so with great success!)

Using a cable needle at least two sizes littler, I was able to make the cables and the entire hat! It ended up being a great pattern, and shockingly, a great color!

I had been toying with the idea of a flower, but I wasn’t sure what would work. I saw a simple daisy on a pair of baby booties and decided to try my hand at different types of daisies. The full-petaled half-daisy fit the bill. My mom saw the color and daisy and put in a request for one. That is high praise indeed!

Project 1 – Her Little Pony

Ten projects due for Christmas. One down, nine to go. This little pony was made for a niece that loves horses. It was tempting to keep for myself since I never got one as a child, but I think my niece will appreciate it more. Thanks to Paolo Navarro from Delicious Crochet for the pattern. The pattern was detailed and full of pictures. The only change I made was to add a star to the forehead of the pony.

I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn and a sized E crochet hook.




I made a llama for my sister.  My nephew saw it and wanted one. Thus began the request from the nieces and nephews for crocheted stuffed animals! No big deal except there are 10  of them(6 girls/4 boys)! And now the crafting has begun, to make ten projects by Christmas.


This is the llama I made for my sister. My nephew requested one with a blue hat.

The llama is special to me as I saw many in the two years I lived in Bolivia. These particular hats are everywhere as well. (Except those don’t have holes for the ears!)

This was made with Red Heart yarn using a size E hook.

Llama Backside