Converse Baby Booties

My nephew’s wife had a baby July 4th (2010)! In celebration, I made these little pink Converse shoes for her. The free pattern is from Suzanne Resaul which can be found at They are very cute, though little Willow Marie won’t be able to get out and play ball just yet! This pattern comes with lots of details and pictures. My husband saw these and said he would like a pair as slippers. I’m not sure that pink is really his color though. These booties were made with Simply Soft black and cream yarn and pink Lion Brand Baby Soft yarn.

2 responses to “Converse Baby Booties

  • mtnbikechk

    These baby booties are sooo cute. I can see every basketball loving family needed a pair of these for the whole family! I would love to see how they turn out as adult sized slippers! Add a bit of lining on the inside for added warmth.

    This is one of my favorite items….Right now everything you make is my favorite. I never knew I could have so many favorites!

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