Daisy Cabled Hat

New to knitting, I decided to try my hand at cables. I had tried to make swatches of cables, but was finding it exceedingly difficult. After several (failed) attempts, I almost gave up altogether. After waiting a couple of weeks, I decided to try a cabled hat. Thinking it would turn out abominably anyway, I used some old yellow Red Heart yarn and knit on size 8 DPN’s. I decided on Diane Gates’ Winter Femme pattern which I found for free on Ravelry. (I decided on this one because it looked simple enough for me, and the hundred other people that had made it before me did so with great success!)

Using a cable needle at least two sizes littler, I was able to make the cables and the entire hat! It ended up being a great pattern, and shockingly, a great color!

I had been toying with the idea of a flower, but I wasn’t sure what would work. I saw a simple daisy on a pair of baby booties and decided to try my hand at different types of daisies. The full-petaled half-daisy fit the bill. My mom saw the color and daisy and put in a request for one. That is high praise indeed!


One response to “Daisy Cabled Hat

  • mtnbikechk

    The hat turned out great. Love thefit and the cables are fabulous. The daisy, now that’s simply adorable! Love it. I think it give the hat personality. Nice job. Can’t wait to see a photo of mom!

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