Skull Hat Take Two

After doing more searching on Ravelry, I found some other great skull hats. After all, I still owed my husband a skull hat. I decided on Gayle Vicker’s Riley’s Skully Hat. The skull pattern was not exactly what I wanted, so I used Ravelry user Weeta’s instead.

The pattern is great. The changing colors, not so great. For a fourth project, I think it turned out rather well. To give away as gifts, I’m going to need to spend time with some real pros to work some kinks out.

Again I added an I-cord and tassel. This has fits my husband’s head, but only just!

I worked the pattern on size 8 DPN’s using Simply Soft yarn. It’s probably not the warmest hat for winter, but it is soft!

Does he look like a pirate or what!

One response to “Skull Hat Take Two

  • mtnbikechk

    Yes, your husband does look very scary in the hat…in a good way, if that’s possible! =)

    Love the hat. Think the pattern turned out great. I think if I had a boy who hated to wear hats, this might be one good way to get him to wear one after all.

    Love it!

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