Skull Hat

After coming to the conclusion that knitted hats seem to have more give than crocheted ones,  and that some projects look better knitted, I decided it was high time I learned to knit. One of my first projects was this skull hat. Not only would I get to practice knitting, I would get to make a cool project for my husband, who just so happens to love skulls. Never mind that this project would require changing colors! How hard could that be for a new knitter to learn!

After watching several YouTube videos, I managed to knit this hat using size 8 DPN’s. (The circular needles I bought were too long. I didn’t realize they came in different lengths!). I added an I-cord to the top with a tassel. Not bad for a newbie. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit my husband’s formidable head. This will have to go to a child.

The skull hat pattern is from Gina Doherty. It’s available for free at Ravelry. I believe I used Simply Soft yarn for the hat.


One response to “Skull Hat

  • mtnbikechk

    You said you made this for your husband…but I think it’s kind of girly looking. Or is it just the picture. Regardless, I think it’s awesome! Can you make me one and add a bit of scallops on the bottom so that it looks more feminine?

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