Monthly Archives: October 2010

Pumpkin Crochet

I invited a  bunch of ladies to get together for a craft night. Just in case someone wanted to learn to crochet, I whipped up this little pumpkin from June Gilbank. It is a very quick project, much quicker than the knitted one!

The front pumpkin is crocheted. The back pumpkin is knitted. They both have crocheted vines and leaves. My husband said he preferred the crocheted one. he liked the texture.

Note: The vine and leaf are not in June’s directions.

Vine: Chain 15. 2 sc in each stitch. It will curl automatically. The leaf is not the prettiest so I won’t give instructions for that!

All the yarn is Red Heart. The pumpkin, vine and stalk were crocheted with an H hook. I used a sized E hook for the leaf.


Frankenstein Treat Bag

I saw Lion Brand yarn’s treat bag and decided to make a variation of my own. I decided to make several changes to the original pattern. 1) It had to be much larger. Who wants to go trick-or-treating with a small bag? 2) He needed wispy hair. 3) He needed a nose. 4) I thought ears might add some interest.  5) Eyebrows were a definite must. I tried some teeth but didn’t like them.

Several nieces and nephews saw this as I was making it. Several of them wanted it! Unfortunately, there isn’t time to make them all a bag and their Christmas presents. However, this does make me want to try to make Dracula, Mummy, and pumpkin treat bags!

The bag itself is about 9 inches (21 cm) tall. With the handle it is 13 inches (32.5 cm). The hair is uniform since I didn’t have a pattern and I was in a hurry to finish this project! The ears are from Kitty-bob on Ravelry. My husband thought it would be funny if one of the ears was “sewn” on crooked. I humored him on that.

The nose is one larger circle with two smaller circles attached. They are pretty much just the top part of the neck bolts redone.

It looks like the hair is wispy all around, but it’s straight in the back.

Most of this project is half double crocheted.

The eyebrows are double crocheted. The nose and bolts are single.

The tea leaf green yarn is Red Heart crocheted with a size E hook. The plum perfect purple is Caron Simply Soft yarn, which is thinner so I crocheted with a size H hook.

Ball-and Chain

I saw this chain scarf on Ravelry, but Alison Gates has made this pattern available on the Knitty blog here. There are many variations of this scarf. I thought the ball-and-chain version was especially funny. My husband doesn’t think marriage is a ball-and-chain, but I made the scarf that way anyway. I plan to use it as a Halloween decoration. Maybe I’ll wear it during the winter as well, though I’m not sure how warm it will be!

This was a fun scarf to make. I used size 8 straight needles rather than double pointed needles since I’m faster at straight knitting.

The ball is crocheted since I can increase and decrease better when crocheting!

This makes for a fun decoration though it seems a little long for the lamp.

Llamas for Two

A friend of mine adores llamas (don’t we all). For her second baby, soon to join the world, I decided to make her one. A nephew also asked for a llama, and I made him one too. I worked on them both at the same time, for some reason, and now I’m ready to work on something other than a llama!

I did a little research and found that llamas have two toes. I’m embarrassed to say that the previous llamas I made had three!

My nephew specifically requested a white llama with a blue hat. I may stitch his name on the hat.

I think the pink hat turned out especially cute. Hopefully the doctor is right that my friend is having a daughter!

The pattern for the llama comes from Paola Navarro of Delicious Crochet. I used Red Heart speckled yarn for the llama, Red Heart variegated yarn for the hats, and a sized E crochet hook for everything. The hat pattern turns out way too big, so I had to modify it to fit.