Monthly Archives: December 2010

Sock Monkey Hat

My sister requested a sock monkey hat. I followed the basic directions from Christine’s blog.

The basic hat is done in double crochets. I used a size H hook and Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool yarn (color: oak tweed) for the main part of the body.

My sister wanted a fleece lining, so I sewed that inside after it was completed. She requested a ribbon pom pom for the top instead of a yarn one.

There are several modifications. I made the hat several rows longer. I did the monkey’s ears a little differently, as well as the mouth area. The ear flaps for wearer were made larger and longer as well.

The directions for the hat ended up fitting a standard medium sized head.

My sister requested a sock monkey helmet cover for her ski helmet. We’ll see if I can make one that will stay on without Velcro. Pictures of how these turned out and pseudo directions can be found at or

I’d also like to try to make the hat using single crochets. I think a double crochet hat is fast to make but more drafty. I think and unlined hat looks nice as well.


Special Olympic Stars

I recently saw on Facebook that many states are collecting scarves for the Special Olympics. The official website lets you know the colors, dimensions and addresses for the participating states. I decided to try  an interesting granny square scarf I found, but it turned out horribly. I switched over to this star pattern instead. It’s basically all half double crochet with color changes for the star.

The border is a hdc, chain stitch all around. I used a size H hook. The yarn is Red Heart blue and turqua, as the requirements stated. The dimensions are approximately 6 inches by 54 inches each. It wasn’t until after I started the second scarf that I realized that if I did the star in the same direction for the whole scarf, the stars on one end (when placed around the neck) would look upside down. Therefore I did half the stars in one direction for half the scarf, then inverted the image for the second half.

All told, the basic scarf is 19 hdc across, not including the border. Two star athletes in Colorado shall be receiving these scarves!