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Melman the Giraffe

A nephew said his favorite animal was a giraffe. Thankfully Paola Navarro from Delicious Crochet came up with a fun pattern! I started this project on a road trip in November. It was a quick pattern, except for all the spots!

The pattern initially called for stitched on spots, but I decided to crochet spots and sew them on. I wanted it to look more “realistic” so the spots had to be somewhat close together. That meant more spots! I looked at pictures of giraffes and their spots pretty much cover 90% of their bodies including almost the whole leg and face. I got a little tired of spots and thought this was sufficient!

I need to go back and put in two indentations. Giraffes have two sectioned feet.




I cropped the mane close as I wanted it to stand on its own. The legs were attached so that they would move.  When you pick it up, the legs straighten. The legs look fine on the giraffe, but making them, I thought the back legs were chicken drumsticks!

A friend said she though he looked like Melman from Madagascar. Not a bad resemblance!

I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn, marigold yellow and chocolate brown, and a sized e hook.


Abominable Booties

I decided to make a second pair of baby booties for my nephew’s daughter. I originally made these in a neutral color until we found out it was going to be a girl. The pattern was working out to make really large slippers, so I did my own thing. Melissa Mall’s free Abominable Baby Slippers pattern can be found at Ravelry.

I really like how the claws are crocheted. A different pattern for a stuffed animal with claws called for clay. This is more child friendly.

I used a size E hook and cream Simply Soft yarn and pink Lion Brand Baby Soft yarn. The cuff was shorter in the directions. I wanted to fold it down more so I added stitches to that.

Eggplant Head

There are a lot of adorable baby berry hats out there. The ones that look like strawberries are especially cute. I decided to make a plum baby hat and picked out what I thought was the prettiest plum colored Caron Simply Soft Eco yarn I could find. Using Michele Sabatier’s free Berry Baby Hat pattern from Ravelry, I put aside countless other projects to get working on this. Using size 8 DPN’s, I quickly cranked this little hat out. I had some stray green alpaca yarn I picked up in Bolivia and held that double since it was rather thin.

When I finished, my husband informed me that it looked more like an eggplant than a plum. And sure enough, the next time I went to the store and saw an eggplant, this little hat was the spitting image!

Converse Baby Booties

My nephew’s wife had a baby July 4th (2010)! In celebration, I made these little pink Converse shoes for her. The free pattern is from Suzanne Resaul which can be found at They are very cute, though little Willow Marie won’t be able to get out and play ball just yet! This pattern comes with lots of details and pictures. My husband saw these and said he would like a pair as slippers. I’m not sure that pink is really his color though. These booties were made with Simply Soft black and cream yarn and pink Lion Brand Baby Soft yarn.