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Sock Monkey Hat

My sister requested a sock monkey hat. I followed the basic directions from Christine’s blog.

The basic hat is done in double crochets. I used a size H hook and Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool yarn (color: oak tweed) for the main part of the body.

My sister wanted a fleece lining, so I sewed that inside after it was completed. She requested a ribbon pom pom for the top instead of a yarn one.

There are several modifications. I made the hat several rows longer. I did the monkey’s ears a little differently, as well as the mouth area. The ear flaps for wearer were made larger and longer as well.

The directions for the hat ended up fitting a standard medium sized head.

My sister requested a sock monkey helmet cover for her ski helmet. We’ll see if I can make one that will stay on without Velcro. Pictures of how these turned out and pseudo directions can be found at knitprocro.com orĀ http://knitprocro.com/sock-monkey-ski-helmet-cover/

I’d also like to try to make the hat using single crochets. I think a double crochet hat is fast to make but more drafty. I think and unlined hat looks nice as well.